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Erensan is functioning in the heating sector since 1966 and has a customer satisfaction principle. With its wide and experienced personnel staff, it gives project, engineering, design and contracting services to its customers. With its experienced technical staff and by the help of many foreign companies Erensan satisfactorily maintains projects and engineering activities regarding the power plants.

The system design, projection, preparation of technical list of conditions, cost analysis and feasibility studies on all of the energy problems of its customers are maintained meticulously. Erensan gives its contracting services devoted to the principal of customer satisfaction and in compliance with its customer needs. It presents its reliable and high quality systems economically and in the shortest period of time by using high quality equipment and workmanship.

All of the mounting workers working in their systems have Turkish Lloyd welder certificates. To procure the safety of the systems that are mounted, the specialist staff that have an advanced welding knowledge makes the mounting with 100 % X-Ray controlled system. System designs are resulted with the optimum solutions as soon as possible by the assistance of its specialist engineers that are working in the project preparation using ACAD.

Preparation of 3-D drawings and providing the customers with visual presentations prevents the faults that can occur in the mounting stage. The systems, that are mounted and manufactured by an experienced technical team, are put into operation in the supervision of our staff, so the projects are served to the customer usage as turn-key projects. Besides its professional structure, experience and know-how, with the enthusiasm of amateur spirit, its continually mobile technical teams solve every kind of the energy problems of its customers after the contracting. The facilities that are manufactured and mounted are under the guarantee of Erensan, the required items can also be provided from the stocks as soon as possible even after the warranty period.

Many successful projects and systems are served in abroad by the help of export department both as a supervisor or turnkey delivery. Under the scope of the projects that are prepared for the foreign countries, the valid certificates are available from the regarding country's authorized approval authorities for the manufactured products and mounting.

The works that are under the scope of contracting.
• Doymuş buhar kazanları ısı santralleri montajı
• Saturated steam boilers heat stations mounting
• Superheated steam boilers heat stations mounting
• Superheated oil boilers heat stations mounting
• Hot water boilers heat stations mounting
• Heating boilers stations mounting
• Industrial mounting, process design, manufacturing and mounting
• Cogeneration facilities auxiliary accessories manufacturing and mounting
• Pressure vessels manufacturing and mounting
• PLC controlled project design and mounting in accordance with TRD 604specifications

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