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1966 Erensan that was founded by Mechanical Engineer Mesut EREN in 1966, started to manufacture of industrial Boilers in Caglayan Plant in Istanbul.

1968 Erensan signed a licencee agreement with YGNIS AG Luzern-Switzerland, became the first boiler manufacturer to produce high efficiency reverse flame type boilers in Turkey.

1970 Istanbul Yenibosna plant was established, Caglayan plant moved to Yenibosna..

1972 Erensan realized its first export in 1972 to IRAQ.

1978 Launching of the first high efficiency solid fuel boiler NA.K with water cooled steel grid working on forced draught fan in Turkey.

1989 In 1989 with the use of investment credit granted by the Worl Bank existing machine park has been modernised.

1991 In 1991, distributor agreement was signed with Riello.

1998 A new plant on green field in Yozgat was established seperating hot water boiler manufacturing from industrial boilers.

1999 Erensan acquired the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate..

2003 In 2003 Erensan achieved to become the first Turkish boiler company to satisfy the requirements of CE certification according to the European Directive. Conformity has been assessed by Bureau Veritas.

2004 The first and only test laboratory in Turkey, ISILAB, was established by Erensan for testing the exhaust gas emissions, efficiency and otput of boilers, burners and gas appliances.

2007 Production volume and capacity increase were completed in the Yozgat plant.

2009 In 2009, Quality Management Certificate was raised up with Bureau Veritas to ISO 9001: 2008

2010 ERENSAN ECHIPAMENTE TERMICE S.R.L started its business life in Romania

2011 The 4th production hall is added to the existing plant in Yozgat.

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