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The Swiss Cottage Leisure centre (London) preferred high efficiency Erensan boilers

Atlantic&Erensan Boilers has installed high efficiency boilers at The Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre, Camden, which is owned by GLL and has a high achievement policy on environment and energy.

Part of this plan is an energy generation plant which serves a variety of requirements including pools, various air handling plants and domestic hot water.

The plant is an ENER-G CHP plant which is backed up by three Atlantic&Erensan NA-R 1160kW boilers gas-fired by Dunphy modulating burners.These give efficiencies from 83 to 85% across the modulating range, against a flow temperature of 80°C. Installer, Briggs and Forrester, selected this package as a 'best buy' balance between economy and energy conservation.

The Atlantic&Erensan NA-R is available from 60 to 3000kW as a high efficiency boiler and as a condensing boiler in the same range.

News Added : 18.3.2009

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