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Condensing economizer for gas boilers



Condensing economizer for gas boilers between 95 kW and 6470 kW

ecomax enables recovering most of the sensible and hidden heat form of energy in the flue gases of gas-fuelled boiler. This equipment is not guaranteed for use with liquid-fuelled boilers.

Energy recovery

  • The water heated up by the sensible heat with a significant decrease from the temperature of flue gases, the temperature of damp flue gases is decreased from nearly 220°C to a range between 35°C (20°C return) and 70°C (return water 70°C) depending on the temperature of return water,

  • 56°C and higher output water temperature plus the condensation of the water in burning gases to provide the return heating results in gross 108% (net 97.2%) general “boiler+ economizer” efficiency for 20°C water return temperature in ECOMAX unit.

    All components of ECOMAX exchanger which contact with the flue gases or condensation waters are specifically made of AISI 316 L chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel, high quality materials, and exhibit the best possible corrosion-resistance even in an acidic environment. They pass over the FLAT STAINLESS STEEL PIPE lines, in which the burning gas temperatures are reduced and the water vapor condenses.

    The upper section is made of electro-statically painted and kiln-dried sheet. The bottom smoke box and compartment is made of stainless steel. Effective insulation is provided with 40 mm thick rock wool and a jacket coated with kiln-dried paint provides an attractive look to this solid, high-performance unit.

    Production Specifications

    - Equipment details
    ECOMAX is offered in shrink wrap as fully-furnished to run at 4 bars nominal temperature. It is shipped as a complete product including the washers and nuts, bushes and flanges; adjustable supports and a brush for cleaning. Two bushes with bolts are also given for flue connection.

    Modifications upon special request

    The following options are available with a price extra:
  • Please ask for quotation for the operating pressures above 4 bars.
  • ECOMAX can be supplied with stainless steel water collectors to heat swimming pool water or for the preliminary heating of hot utility water.
  • Production up to 8 bars is possible.

    Caution: In this case, all required measures must be taken to prevent abnormal temperature increase or boiling in ECOMAX unit when domestic utility (hot water) is not being consumed. A lateral outlet can be provided for flue gases.

    Other modifications
    To be conducted by customer:
  • Water inlets and outlets can be positioned on the right side of burning gas outlet.
  • Burning gas outlet can be positioned on the same side with the inlet.

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