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solid fuel fired steam boiler

ESB-K Series

Conveyor grate solid fuel fired steam boiler

Solid fuel fired boiler consist of two parts, water-tube and fire-tube type boilers in a single united body.
Primary furnace as Water-tube ( tube+bar) boiler mounted on a rotating grid is manufactured as high enough height to from a large volume of combustion chamber on the grill.
Scotch type fire-fume tube type boiler and flame radiation type water tube boiler are connected to each other by means of water collector.
High-volume combustion chamber is required for burning solid fuels, to keep flame length high and the maximum level of efficiency.
Flame-flue type boiler is the two-pass type and designed for the maximum capacity and maximum efficiency that can be achieved.
Tube diameters are designed so that the smoke passages appropriate velocity.
Due to the sufficient smoke passage in the boiler very large portion of produced heat remains in the boiler, and used for the production of steam.
With a large steam volume the boiler can respond to system immediately to withdrawals of peak steam, water tube steam generation by means of primary combustion chamber provides fast steam for flash steam need.
Flame-smoke-tube boiler, pipes, can be changed easily by means of front and rear doors.

Solid fuel burning systme with travelling grate

It is a conveyor type grate mounted below the primary combustion chamber which is surrounded by water tube membrane walls. Travelling grate is manufactured with special heat -resistant alloy cast iron material. Chain beans are designed so that; combustion air flows between them, which allows the entire surface of the grate for proper combustion. Burning capacity can be maintained at the desired level by means of plurality of air vents and flaps deemed necessary from the bottom of the grate.
Using the inverter, the speed of the stoker is adjusted according to the efficiency of combustion of the coal loaded onto the grate.
Coal begins to burn at the inlet of the combustion chamber just after laying on the grate, and continues to burn until the end of the grate in a homogeneous manner.
Travelling grate unit is shipped from our factory as completely assembled. As a separate unit the boiler is placed onto the conveyor grate with a mobile crane. This process allows for field installation is finished in a very short time.
Boiler and conveyor grate placed on a flat concrete floor allows customers to minimize the cost of construction; this is one of the most important advantages.
Coal to be burned must be of suitable quality as defined regulations by the Ministry of Environment. Ash, moisture and low-sulfur, high-calorific value coal should be preferred.
The conveyor grate coal burning systems which is the mostly used in the world and is one of the improved design of solid fuel firing systems are used in our steam and thermal oil boilers.
Conveyor grate is manufactured from special alloy heat –resistant cast iron material. Chain links; has been designed so as to allow combustion on the entire surface with thin formed air outlets between them.
Necessary amount of combustion air from the various air channels at the bottom of the grate are being given and the burning capacity can be maintained at the desired level.
The rotational speed of the grate is adjustable according to the required combustion efficiency of the coal loaded onto the grate by means of speed adjuster.
Coal is distributed equally and at the desired thickness of layer onto whole grate by means of adjustable coal loading system located behind of the coal loading bunker.
Just after the solid fuel is started to be laid down onto the conveyor grate immediately being exposed to radiation heat and burnable gases starts to be released and that gases starts to burn at the entrance of the grate and coal continues to burn homogenously until end of the grate.
At the end of the grate, since the combustion is completed over, the remaining small amount of ash and slag is poured into the slag bunker and it is taken out from that bin.
In case of steam pressure drop, speed of grate and coal feed rate is adjusted automatically by electronic PLC system which is adjusting speed proportional to steam pressure, and boiler reaches to required capacity. Thus, when the critical pressure is reached applied program keeps the burning system at idle capacity without complete interruption. This will minimize energy losses. Primary and secondary combustion air given from both sides of the grate by controlled PLC, so cooling of the grate and combustion of coal on the entire surface of the grate is provided.
Unburned coal parts accumulated in the bin located under and in front of the grate and then sent to the coal bunker again for re-burn thanks to the special design of the reservoir sending it automatically to the grate.
All operations starting from loading of the coal into bunkers, burning of the coal and discharge of slag & ash is fully automated by PLC automation system. By that system both high efficient way of combustion and very low emissions are achieved.

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