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What is the Q-Box?

Q-Box is a system for heat recovery from exhaust gases. The recovered heat is used for:

Description of the application

Q-Power`s heat pipe exchanger application Q-Box, is used to recover waste heat from, boilers, furnaces, cement kilns, ovens or thermal oxidisers & incinerator exhausts. The recovered heat can be converted to useable hot air, water or thermal oil for use in process, space heating or even electrical generation to significantly reduce our client`s fuel costs and corresponding CO2 emissions.

The Q-Box offers a very efficient and cost effective means of recovering waste heat from exhaust flue gases

How Does The Q-Box Work?

Several Q-Pipe thermal pipes form a Q-Box. The amount of waste heat recovered depends on the contact surface between diverted heat carriers (such as flue gases, air, water, or oil) and the Q-Box, and can be increased by adding more Q-Pipes, as well as enlarging diameter and length of the latter. The Q-Box is able to operate at exhaust temperatures from less than 60°C right up to 650°C which provides our clients with a vast range of recovery possibilities. The recovery mediums can be gas, air, water and oil depending on the respective recovery solution for a particular application.

Depending on how many Q-Pipes are combined, a single Q-BOX can recover between 116KWh and 23 MWh

What is a Q-Pipe?

A Q-Pipe is a special thermal pipe. The evaporation and condensation principle occurs in advanced vacuum, at 10(-8) Torr; thus, the heat transfer takes place without impediment, without heat loss, without any external energy supply.

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