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Saturated Dry Steam; Immediately

Steamroom Series


Oil, gas and fuel fired, fire tube steam boilers from 250 kg/h to 5.500 kg/h steam production capacity.

Saturated Dry Steam; Immediately

  • Computer Aided Design in compliance with latest CE pressure equipment directives and EN Harmonized Standards.
  • Production with plasma cuting machines and submerged arc welding / gas welding technoogies
  • Lloyd – approved hydraulic test sertification
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Small size, high performance
  • Safe operation
  • Compact solution for steam
  • HDR high pressure steam boiler developed with Swiss technology
  • Liquid or gas fired burner application
  • Feed water pump module with stand by pump and armatures
  • Boiler armatures including all operation and safety equipment
  • Electric control panel mounted on the system
  • Electrode - controlled water level safety system
  • Chimney (optional)


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