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liquid and gas fuel three pass hot water boiler 465 - 1250 Kw


Capacity: 465-1250 Kw
Maximum Operating Temperature: 120 C
Maximum Operating Pressure: 8 bar

Narrowness due to connected lower and top shell provides easy inlet to boiler room and easy installation.
Imbricated 3-pass design provides optimum thermal balance, effective heat transfer and low operating costs.
Lower heat load by means of large water volume.
Optimum furnace geometry
Longer boiler life due to continuous draft at all of three passes and balanced cooling of flue gas.
Minimum pollution to environment by means of low flue gas emissions.
Maximum heating energy utilized due to flue gas tabulators placed in 3rd pass flue gas tubes.
Radiation heat losses and stand by losses are minimized by means of aluminum folio cladded 80 mm glass wool insulation.
Insulation panels are delivered ready to install in a separate package.

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