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With tube bundle three pass hot water boiler

TR.P Series

TR P 70 – 932 kW
Liquid and gas fuel fired, with tube bundle
Three pass hot water boiler
  • Operation pressure 3-8 bar
  • Easiness of placing and installation into boiler room by means of compact desing
  • 3 pass - Tube bundle between passes except combustion chamber
  • Long boiler life time with application of continious pass for all 3 passes
  • Minumum Thermal Stress and Maximum Efficiency by means of guiding injector plates providing boiler return flow to hottest regions of boiler homogenously
  • Low NOx, Perfect combustion, by means of thermal design ensuring combustion to be completed in the comustion chamber
  • 92% boiler efficiency
  • Condensing boiler efficiency with stainless steel economizer application
  • Minimized bioler stand.by losses by reducing heat radiation losses with insulation of boiler shell by means of aluminium folio covered glass wool application in 80 mm thickness.
  • Certified according to 92/42/EEC New Hot Water Boilers and 90/396/EEC Gas Appliances Directives
  • Certified according to Turkish Standarts rules (TSE)

    Options: Possibility to reach condensing boiler efficiency with ecomax economizer application.

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