Premix Burner, Gas Fired Stainless Steel Condensing Hot Water Boiler

8 models ranging from 120 kW to 450 kW

* 6 bar operating pressure
* 109,1 % efficiency
* Heat exchanger and condenser is made of stainless steel material
* Premix burner operating with natural gas or LPG with modulation rates between 20% and 100%
* Optimax: more efficient and economic with 2, 3 and 4 connection outlet options
* Class 5 NOx class (< 30 mg/kWh)
* Warning lights enabling remote communication with Turkish NAVISTEM B3000 control panel
* Can be connected with up to 16 boilers as cascade
* Compliant with ErP regulation
* Standard parts include chimney flap, fresh air filter, carrying strap, internal lighting and flue gas temperature sensor
* Optionally; automation sensors, room thermostats, control over internet module,
NaviPass unit to directly communicate with building automation via modBUS language, neutralization kit, magnetic filter and chimney connection kits
* Suitable for B23, B23p, C13, C33 and C53 chimney types


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