R&D operations focus on the principles of “Innovation for Customers”.

Innovation is the result achieved through over 50-year knowledge and experience of Erensan.

Working on the solid base created through the ambition, experience and knowledge of Erensan, the young, dynamic and innovative R&D personnel lead the sector with solution oriented operations and keep abreast of sector specific innovations.

Market expectations and solutions customized for the customers and sector are the priorities of Erensan R&D.

Focusing on customer needs and expectations is the basis of continued change and development.

Offering beyond the expectations of the customers, challenging the conventional and creating a difference on the market, Erensan R&D Department continues to make its mark on the market with the first and exclusive designs launched in Turkey and each effective solution customized for customers.

Highlighting creativity has become a corporate culture and signs of innovation manifest themselves in every aspect.

Erensan R&D Operations

The R&D department runs joint projects with the group companies under the roof of Groupe Atlantic’s Pressure Jet Boilers Competence Center and guides the projects with its expertise.

Besides being a good R&D organization in its business segment, the department has created a R&D system that is academically and scientifically strong; it expands the group’s range of products, projects and assesses the advanced technologies that might affect the group operations and contributes to active use of these technologies.

It earnestly monitors regulations, standards and legislations based on domestic and international market requirements and it selectively conducts all steps of design for the optimum product.

The products are certified according to the related standards and regulations.

The department hires experts in their respective fields for assessing and examining new technologies.

It develops prototypes that might be turn into innovative products and completes the design details before marketing any product by conducting routine tests at the in-house laboratory.

It guides the production stage and supports customer satisfaction in all aspects.

Erensan R&D technology and investments

Thanks to its expert and dynamic staff keeping up with technological developments as well as software and design programs such as Solidworks, Creo, Auto-cad and VVD, it offers fast and ideal design solutions.

The thermal laboratory with 3 MW-capacity performs thermal capacity, efficiency, thermal loss and emission measurements according to the Directive 92/42/EC on Efficiency Requirements for Liquid or Gas Fired New Hot Water Boilers, Directive 2016/426/EU on Gas Burning Appliances and Directive 2009/125 on Eco-design.

The process of establishing a R&D Center is in progress.