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    Boilers manufactured by ERENSAN and used to request service to UNIGAS brand burners.

    Thermostat (operation and safety), thermometer, hydrometer system and all connections have been made.The system was filled with water and vented.Circulation pumps in operation.If a modulating burner is used, the temperature or pressure sensor (transmitter) has been installedElectrical installation is completed (thermostat-burner between main supply line is pulled).Fuel was supplied and brought to the burner and made the necessary connections.Compensation (Ekopanel) panel, sensors and electrical cables are installed (if used).

    The above mentioned transactions have been completed by us.Send an employee to the above address for service.
    I promise to pay 50-Euro for each burner service request and 30-Euro/100km for the total round-trip route if there is a lack of the above operations that may cause your service personnel to come back for service.)