Stainless-Steel, Floor Standing, Condensing Boiler with Premix Burner

Condensing Boiler

  • 6 bar operating pressure.
  • A wide range of capaticy at 50/30 °C: 465-550-625-700-810-900-1000 kW.
  • More efficient and economical by connecting hydraulic circuits with different heat requirements to the same boiler thanks yo 2 connection nozzles .
  • High corrosion resistance due to the stainless turbulators in 3rd pass smoke pipes.
  • Premix burning technology.
  • Easy access  to heat transfer surfaces .
  • In addition to natural gas fuel, possibility to work with a diesel fuel burner .
  • Easy and quick maintenance .
  • Suitable for type B flue connection.


  • Low flue gas emssion values achieved by premix burner technology. (NOx class 5)
  • %20-%100 modulation rate with frequency-controlled air fan.
  • Low noise level.

Boiler Control Panel

  • Integrated boiler control panel that controls 1 direct, 1 sanitary hot water preparation, and up to 3 mixing circuits with additional modules.
  • Master/slave configuration for up to 16 boilers in cascade without a need for an external control panel.
  • Connection to building automation system with Modbus protocol.
  • Option to communicate with boilers via mobile phone and Internet.
  • A user interface in many foreign languages including Turkish.


  • Immersion type sensor
  • Surface type sensor
  • Outdoor sensor
  • Mixing circuit module
  • Cascade communication module
  • Building automation connection module
  • Connection module via mobile phone and Internet Neutralization kit
  • Room temperature control unit