Three-Pass Condensing Hot Water Boiler with Integrated Economizer

Optimum heat transfer, long boiler life

* 6-8 bar operating pressure
* Up to 96,5% efficiency
* Optimum thermal balancing and heat energy use, effective heat use, three
passes for reduced operation costs
* Uninterrupted passes in all three passes and balanced cooling of flue gases
resulting in extended service life
* Robust boiler construction thanks to symmetrically positioned heat transfer surfaces
* Damage to environment is minimized by low chimney gas emmissions
* High operation safety thanks to integrated ejector spaces designed for equal
(homogeneous) temperature distribution and plates redirecting returning water
to hot parts of the boiler
* Optimum heat transfer thanks to three-pass burning principle and water
cooled reversal chamber
* Economizer, where the condensation takes place is made of stainless steel
material. Thus acidic condensation water does not harm this part


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