Wall-Hung Condensing Boilers


* High and fast heat transfer with aluminium cast heat exchanger
* Compliant with the energy efficiency directive (ErP)
* Wide modulation range (1: 5)
* Efficiency up to 99.6% at full load and 110% at partial load
* NOx emission class 6 (NOx <40 mg/kWh)
* Easy to use Turkish control menu
* Possibility of connecting up to 16 boilers in cascade
* Easy service and maintenance by removing panels on three sides
* Internal flue gas flap
* Internal check valve
* Suitable for hermetic and ordinary chimneys.

VARIAL wall-mounted condensing boilers are designed to meet all kinds of heating and hot water preparation demands. High performance and efficiency, economic operation and environmental friendliness of the boiler are the main features of VARIAL boiler. Thanks to its physical structure, it saves space and offers both fast and easy assembly with its wide accessories.